• We do our best to move the applications along quickly, but we are comprised of a very small group of volunteers with full-time jobs in additional to working with the Foundation. Please allow 1-2 WEEKS for the approval and payment process. During this time, we will make contact with the organization that is hosting the activity you are interested in, so they will be aware of your desire to register.


  • Do not send any payments directly to us. All payments are made directly to the organization that is hosting the activity you are registering your child for. Once an application is approved, we send our portion directly to the organization on your behalf.



  • As we partner with families to support children’s desires to participate in extracurricular activities, we have developed the following criteria to guide us as we select applicants, based on available funding:

    • Children enrolled in Kinder-12th grade (in public or private schools, or home-schooled) and residing within the DSISD school district.

    • When possible, we will grant funds to families residing outside of DSISD that are coming into our community to participate in an extracurricular activity.

  • In order to ensure that we are able to use our funds to assist as many children as possible, we may have to limit funds to a maximum of $500 per calendar year, per family.

  • It is the desire of DS Kids Fun Foundation that each family contribute a portion of the total registration cost, as an indication of their commitment to support the child’s extracurricular activity. The recommended contribution is 20% of the total amount needed. *This payment is not to be mailed to DS Kids Fun Foundation. Registration fees are all payable to the organization hosting the activity.

  • We do not cover late fees, or reimbursable volunteer fees.

  • When applicable, DS Kids Fun Foundation expects that the families will fulfill any volunteer requirements made by the organization hosting the extracurricular activity. Failure to do so may result in future funding being reduced or denied.

  • The child is asked to submit a drawing or short essay, whenever possible, demonstrating their desire to participate in the given activity.

We're so thankful to have the opportunity to help children like this one take one more step toward fulfilling a dream.