May 2, 2019
We are sad to annouce that the DS Kids Fun Foundation is
no longer able to fund applications for assistance.

Please contact the organization that is hosting the program you are interested in. DSYSA, and many others, are offering financial assistance directly.

We are very thankful for the incredible donations from our community that allowed us to help so many children over the years, and are hopeful that future families will find assistance through other avenues.

- Dripping Springs Kids Fun Foundation Board

Dripping Springs Kids Fun Foundation was formed to provide financial assistance to children in the Dripping Springs Community who would otherwise be unable to participate in extracurricular activities due to financial constraints. Our goal was to create a Fund that would help not only low-income families, but also children whose families are temporarily working through financial constraints due to situations such as serious illness, job loss, or divorce - which in many cases means the family wouldn’t otherwise qualify for financial assistance from some sources.

The Foundation was created in the Fall of 2009 as an Outreach Committee within the Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church (DSPC). That committee was formed with the goal of creating a new program that would benefit our neighbors. Dripping Springs is such an extracurricular activity-based community, with organizations like DSYSA having a huge presence.

In our research, we have found statistics that show tremendous benefits to children that participate in extracurricular activities. These kids:                              

  • Meet people with the same interests

  • Improve social skills, self esteem, and sense of empowerment

  • Learn to work with others towards a common goal

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Develop an end-product they are proud of

  • Learn lessons in winning and losing

  • Gain an awareness of good sportsmanship

  • Learn to take initiative

  • Develop a sense of belonging

In addition, kids that participate in sports & the arts outside of their regular school-day activities are:                 

  • 57 percent less likely to have dropped out of school;

  • 49 percent less likely to have tried drugs;

  • 37 percent less likely to have become teen parents; and

  • 27 percent less likely to have been arrested.

We quickly realized that although these activities greatly benefit children, not everyone can afford the registration fees. After a short time, we decided that this program should expand and come from the entire community, not just within the walls of DSPC, so we created DS Kids Fun Foundation - and invited others from the community to join us.

One of the best parts about being involved with DS Kids Fun Foundation is when we receive drawings and letters from the kids that we’re helping.
— Jennifer Dodson, Board President, DS Kids Fun Foundation